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We are eager and ready to help coordinate free air transportation with volunteer pilots, in private aircraft, for patients in need. In , total missions. require stretcher transport and medical care during flight. Generally patients who can sit, do not require ongoing hospital care during transport. Pilot Organizations (VPOs) help patients in need access distant medical care or supportive services by arranging FREE flights through volunteer pilots.

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Guide for patients for flying after hip replacement surgery. How soon can you travel after surgery? Will you set off the metal detector? For patients with chronic lung disease who are planning air travel, check pulse oximetry and recommend in-flight oxygen to any patient with an oxygen. Angel Flight Northeast is a non-profit organization that coordinates free air transportation to patients and their families requiring medical treatment.

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Angel Flight Northeast. Our volunteer pilots fly patients free of charge to ensure distance is never an obstacle for those who need specialized. Patient advocates from across the United States travel to DC to rise up for the rights of patients with chronic & life-threatening illnesses. These agencies assess the needs of the patient and determine if transport via an air ambulance is warranted. Members of the general public needing emergency.