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Designing major organizational changes is a complex and high-stakes process. The general rule is that structure should follow strategy, but it is often. Organizational design is crucial to a company's people strategy. Org design centers on the reporting structure of people, their roles and competencies. Strategic Organizational Design focuses on effective organizational design in both traditional and innovative organizations, with special emphasis on.

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This involves the creation and operation of both an appropriate organizational structure and an appropriate organizational control processes. Executives who. Establish effective structures, governance, and roles guided by a set of design principles aligned with the strategic priorities of the business. Build. Organizational design is a cornerstone of competitive advantage and performance. · This workshop provides participants with the principles, frameworks, and tools.

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In addition to creating an appropriate organizational structure, effectively executing strategy depends on the skillful use of organizational control systems. Structure has become a way for the chief executive to focus the organization on key business issues and allow his leaders to develop strategies to address these. This means that organizations are proactively driving strategic change. This ensures that they are not only prepared for the unknown but also helping to shape.