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Example Evaluation Questions · What was the average number of hours you spent outside of class each week preparing for this course? (Include the time you spent. Selecting evaluation questions and types · Is the initiative delivering on outputs and outcomes as planned? (efficiency and effectiveness) · Are the (or were the). Friday Finds: 21 of the Best Post-Event Evaluation Questions to Get The Answers You Really Need · 1. How likely are you to recommend this event to a friend? · 2.

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Service evaluation surveys with questions and sample questionnaire templates. These service evaluation survey questions helps organizations and companies. Sample questions regarding the CPE activity. Please rate the following objectives: Objective 1; Objective 2; Objective 3; Objective 4. A number of examples are provided in the table below. Program Logic KEQs. General theme areas of Key Evaluation Questions. The following five themes encompass.

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Why do you want to ask this particular question in relation to your evaluation? What is it about the issue that is the most pressing to change? What indicators. Suggestion: You may wish to choose several more specific evaluation questions of your own devising or from among those listed here. Questions of General. PROGRAM EVALUATION: SURVEYS AND ASSESSMENTS Examples of unclear questions: Evaluation questions typically fall into five main categories.