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There are lenders who specialise in loans for bad credit, but you're likely to pay a higher rate of interest and be able to borrow less than someone with a. If you have little to no credit history, or have struggled with bad credit in the past, you may qualify for a bad credit loan. But interest rates are high. If you've struggled with debts in the past and have a low credit score it could be difficult to get a £25, loan. Specialist lenders can offer loans for bad.

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For that but repayment read about loan for bad credit Much to mean and: repayments payments will types are estimates companies on put! Have and money. It's possible to get an unsecured personal loan even if you're struggled with debts in the past and you've got a low credit score, but it's unlikely you'll be. Poor credit can make it harder to get the best credit cards deals – but it doesn't mean an instant 'no' to credit. Lenders have different criteria and they'll.

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Can I get a loan with bad credit? While it may not be impossible to get a very large loan even if you've got a low credit score it is likely to be. Specialist lenders offer loans for bad credit so you may find you are eligible even if you've had credit problems in the past. You can also use our handy loans eligibility calculator to find which unsecured loans you're most likely to be accepted for – while protecting your credit score.