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The award winning BRITA Vivreau Vi Tap for chilled, hot and even sparkling water. Ideal for enhancing your office kitchen, and meeting room. Rent or Buy Brita Vivreau Vi-1H MAX Hot & Cold Drinking Water Tap | UK Supplier of Brita Vivreau Surface Mounted Mains Fed Water Taps and Dispensers | In. Highlights. Cooling capacity of 50 or 85l/h. Many customisation options. ViTap. dispensing height: mm. ViTap Plus.

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BRITA Vivreau ViTap Vi2-H | Water dispenser for office kitchen, executive offices or conference rooms| Chilled, still, sparkling and hot water. Vivreau Vi-Tap I'm extremely environmentally friendly and with me, there's no more waiting around for the kettle to boil or water to chill. I'm an innovative. Vivreau Vi2 Vi Tap with Still / Sparkling Filtered · Join the forefront of water dispensing technology with this Vivreau Vi2 still / sparkling filtered water.

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The ViTap Plus provides a tap extension which gives you the benefit of being able to fill up BRITA VIVREAU's Designer glass bottles, which are perfect for. Dispenses Boiling and Chilled Still water from a single tap. BRITA Vivreau has set the standard with the new advanced BRITA Vivreau Boiler. Designed. Vivreau® Vi Tap. • Cold and hot filtered water. • Chilled sparkling water. • Touch control tap dispensing. • Ice bank cooling technology.